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Pentagon Whiffed on Spending $28 Billion as Time Ran Out
The Pentagon also faced a unique quandary in fiscal 2018: too much money and too little time to spend it.
The Defense Department announced in November that it had failed its first-ever audit as investigators found weak information technology security that could endanger weapon inventories and equipment mislabeled in far-flung warehouses. Auditors found no evidence of fraud in the review of finances that Congress required, even as they flagged a laundry list of problems, including uncontrolled access to computer systems and listing functioning rocket motors as out-of-order, according to Pentagon Comptroller David Norquist, who is now acting deputy defense secretary.
Pentagon and congressional leaders expected the Defense Department to fail its first-ever audit, covering $2.7 trillion in assets and $2.6 trillion in liabilities. The Defense Department spent almost $1 billion on the audit, including $413 million on executing the audit in fiscal year 2018, about $406 million on audit remediation, and $153 million on financial system fixes, according to a fact sheet provided by the Pentagon.
DOD Comptroller: Pentagon Has Started Second Agency Audit
Pentagon comptroller and acting Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist announced Wednesday that the Pentagon has already begun its second department-wide audit, following its first-ever last year.
The Pentagon released the results of its first agency-wide audit in November, which found that only five out of 24 defense organizations audited received a clean opinion.
Конспирологи в комментах уже высказали предположение, что уход Маттиса связан отнюдь не с большой политикой, а с бардаком в бухгалтерии.