Военный экспорт Израиля

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Elbit Systems’ BrightNite Declared Operational by an Air Force of a NATO Country
Haifa, Israel, May 22, 2019 – Having being declared operational, Elbit Systems delivered BrightNite™ systems for Puma330 helicopters of an Air Force of a NATO country. Users’ feedback has been extremely positive, with pilots emphasizing the contribution of the system to Degraded Visibility Environment (DVE) flights and describing it as a “game changer” and a “breakthrough in pitch dark night flight”.
BrightNite transmits high-resolution video to the Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD), allowing pilots to fly in a head-up, eyes-out position. The system processes real-time panorama video, pre-loaded terrain and obstacle information enhanced by a 3D conformal and intuitive symbology. BrightNite utilizes unified location-based information culled from a wide Field Of View (FOV) to display crystal clear images, regardless of visibility conditions. BrightNite can present information to multiple pilots simultaneously on an intuitive multi-functional display.
The BrightNite system adds a multi-spectral, multi-sensor array – fusing multiple day and night thermal cameras – installed in the helicopter’s nose, to obtain a panoramic picture arc in front of the pilot. This picture is displayed in real-time to the pilots using binocular display.
"Puma330 helicopters of an Air Force of a NATO country" - это или Франция, или, что вероятнее, Румыния.