Женщины в армии

Сегодня в Вооруженных силах России на каждых 20 мужчин-военнослужащих приходится примерно одна женщина в форме. Военное.РФ узнало, как поступают на службу женщины и какие вакансии для них доступны.

Кстати, снова подтверждается факт жесточайшего неукомплектования РА, о чем я писал неоднократно.

6 Марта 2015
В пресс-службе Минобороны также отметили, что в настоящее время в Вооруженных Силах РФ проходят службу около 35 тысяч военнослужащих-женщин


Нехитрая математика и получаем заветные (снова!) 700,000

НШ ВВС США инспектирует 90-е ракетное крыло:

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein receives a tour of the launch control center from 1st. Lt. Ashley Mirsky, 319th Missile Squadron missile combat crew commander, and 2nd Lt. Marie Blair, 319th MS deputy missile combat crew commander, during a familiarization tour at a missile alert facility in the 90th Missile Wing missile complex, Dec. 19, 2016.
Вот не могу ни как понять - что эти американские сержанты постоянно орут как в жопу ужаленные?
This serves a number of goals. First, of course, there's presence. While it's perfectly possible to be "present" and very much so while speaking quietly, those are small-group approaches. A good DS/DI/Instructor never speaks to one person, they speak to the group. And with 60+ possible audience members listening anything below a bellowing roar is problematic to hear.

Secondly it's a training tool. Loud noises tend to frazzle us. By speaking loudly (and, remember, the trainees, platoon, squad, or whatever are expected to talk back at the same volume) trainers teach their EMT, firefighters, cops, or soldiers to disjoin the volume of the event from the data on the event. At some point in boot camp/basic/academy recruits stop worrying about the noise and start worrying about the content. And that's when people who can hear an explosion and think first about "what does this mean for me and everyone else" and not "damn, that's loud" are made.

Lastly, it leaves "quiet" for the bad things. The worst, definitely, thing that can happen is for a DI to go quiet. By establishing a status quo of "loud and present" a DI who goes quiet and direct becomes an even more impressive force. I had a trainer walk up to me once and very quietly say "Luster, come with me". That's when I knew I wasn't just being trained, something much worse had happened.[/spoler]