Латинская Америка (кроме Венесуэлы и Кубы)

Полиция Испании обнаружила на борту самолета из сопровождения президента Бразилии три мешка кокаина https://nv.ua/world/countries/na-bo...ezidenta-brazilii-nashli-kokain-50029233.html
направлявшийся в Японию на саммит G20
Теперь скучно на G20 будет.:oops::rolleyes:


Аргентина такая аргентина...
Argentina's Macri faces uphill race for re-election after weak primary
Argentine bonds fell in London trading and further volatility loomed on Monday after voters soundly rejected President Mauricio Macri’s austere economic policies in primary elections, casting doubt on his chances of re-election in October.

Opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez - whose running mate is former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner - won by a wider-than-expected 15.5 percentage points with 47.65% of votes, with 99% of ballots counted after Sunday’s primary.

The victory by Fernandez’s Frente Todos coalition far exceeded the margin of 2-8% forecast in recent opinion polls.
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