Новости из Европейского Союза

Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered a double defeat over her Brexit deal, after the Government has been found to be in contempt and MP's backed a proposal that Parliament should have a free hand to decide what happens next if the proposed deal is rejected.

According to the FT, the majority of MPs are against leaving the EU without a deal, which could mean we see another referendum or a Norway-style membership of the European Free Trade Association.

The latest news comes after Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona, advocate general to the European Court of Justice, said Britain could revoke Article 50 without support from all the EU member states. Although it is only his legal opinion and not binding, if the court supports this it could potentially leave the UK with the option to stay in the bloc on its current terms.

ПРавительство заявило что повтор расмотрения голосования за выход из Брехит не может быть и речи