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Кстати, Аминов (сайт ПВО) когда-то спрашивал здесь - есть ли среди участников форума нумезматы, для обмена.
Русская нумизматика

Товарищи, интересуеться ли кто то русской нумизматикой? Если да то отвечайте- давайте дружить. :D :D
У меня есть хороший знакомый нумизмат. Много монет на обмен. Связывайтесь через меня.

acta publica

Помножен на ноль
А монеты какой эпохи интересуют?

Собираю античный Рим. Период Адриан - Коммод.
чеки от покупки в антиках :)
ну и не светить.

В РФ хотят даже владение прировнять к уголовке :(
В последнее время заинтересовался серебрянными монетами и раундами. Оказывается в продаже полно прикольных штуковин в том числе военно-исторической тематики. Даже сюрвайвалистские раунды есть (монета с зомби) :)

Product Description
Additional Information
Mint/BrandProvident Mint
As the earth is consumed by turmoil, terrified citizens take solace in Liberty. Yet as the infection spreads, her once-beautiful face is transformed on the 2017 Morgue Anne Silver Round. The Morgue Anne silver round will be a trusted form of currency, with a face value of Z50. Each round contains 1 troy oz of .999 fine silver.

Purchasing goods and defending your family will be your top priority during the uprising, so purchase a Morgue Anne silver round while supplies last — or it could come back to bite you.

Each Morgue Anne honors the Morgan Dollar that circulated from 1878-1904, and again in 1921. The original Morgan featured an exquisite portrait of Lady Liberty designed by U.S. Mint engraver, George T. Morgan. Morgan had an uninfected Anna Willess Williams, who he believed had a perfect profile, to model for five sittings to complete the design.

If only he could see her now.

Her skin has rotted, the flowers in her once beautiful hair have wilted, and Liberty has become a zombie. Liberty faces left and one can still read her crown, but bones and muscles from her neck and face are visible. Inscriptions of MORGUE ANNE, 2017, Z50 and 13 stars encircle a zombified Liberty’s portrait.

The reverse features a biohazard symbol and splattered blood, reminding us of the hazards of a dreadful new era. CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE, ZOMBUCKS, 1 oz .999 FINE SILVER and the Provident Metals compass are inscribed around the sign.

Morgue Anne follows the Walker release that launched the Zombucks series in August 2013. Eight more rounds will be produced in the series, with one released every quarter of the year. Each round pays homage to a historical coin or figure, and will be available in copper or silver.

Times are changing, and it’s never been more urgent to diversify your investments. Purchase the 2017 1 Oz Morgue Anne to overcome what lies ahead.