ПТУР "Спайк"

Rafael unveils Spike ER2

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has disclosed development of a new, fifth-generation, enhanced stand-off evolution of its 170 mm Spike-ER multipurpose precision-guided missile system, designated Spike ER2.

The baseline Spike ER round is effectively a scale-up of the legacy 4 km-range Spike LR, with an 8 km fibre-optic data communications link, a larger tandem high-explosive anti-tank high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) and multipurpose blast fragmentation warhead, larger rocket motor, and a higher quality gimballed dual-mode imaging infrared (IR)/charge-coupled device (CCD) seeker assembly. Designed as joint air-to-surface/surface-to-surface capability for rotary, naval, and land platforms (including a tripod-launched capability), Spike ER features fire-and-forget, fire, observe, and update launch options, and fire-and-steer (lock-on-after-launch) engagement modes.

The new Spike ER2 retains the same weight, airframe, surface geometries, and propulsion unit as the Spike ER, but features a significant range enhancement and other capability augmentations.

The introduction of a new real-time lightweight radio frequency (RF) wireless two-way datalink, combined with adjustments to the missile’s software, is designed to optimise the energetics/trajectory of the missile to achieve a stand-off range of 16 km from rotary platforms. “The 8 km fibre-optic datalink was a limitation in the sense that once the fibre-optic spool was expended, the ER became a fire-and-forget missile,” Gal Papier, marketing manager, Precision Tactical Weapons Systems at Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, told Jane’s . “With the new RF datalink we retain the fire-and-observe function, with real-time datalink imagery from the seeker now received from out to 16 km.” Rafael will also offer the ER2 with an extended fibre-optic datalink data naval- and surface-launched applications to engage targets at ranges out to 10 km.


Короче, обновленная линейка:

Spike SR - 1.5 км
Spike LR2 - 5.5 км (10 км с вертолета)
Spike ER2 - 10 км (16 км с вертолета)
Spike NLOS - 30 км

Масса ракет в контейнере:

Spike SR - 9.6 кг (не требует ПУ)
Spike LR2 - 12.7 кг (+ 13 кг ПУ)
Spike ER2 - 34 кг (+ 30 кг ПУ)
Spike NLOS - 71 кг (+ 150 кг ПУ)
Последнее редактирование:
Ну пожелаем удачи РФАЭЛю.
The German army has issued a tender for the "Leichtes Wirkmittel 1800+" for the special forces. It shall be a lightweight fire-and-forget ATGM with multi-purpose warhead. Currently MBDA's Enforcer and Spike-SR are confirmed competitors.



Энорсер на наш мини Спайк очень похож:


* По массе они очень похожи. Энфорсер 9 кг ракета в ТПК + 2 кг ПУ. У нас 9.6 кг без надобности в ПУ.

Преимущества Энфорсера:
+ компактней
+ дальность 2 км против 1.5 км
+ может стрелять из закрытых помещений

Преимущества Спайк СР:
+ БЧ существенно мощней (Энфорсер практически бесполезен против танков).
+ нет отдельной ПУ, что упрощает обращение
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