Примыкание НАТО к границам РФ - угрозы и последствия


Инженерная техника НАТО (немецкая и норвежская) в Литве:

The German engineer tank „Dachs“ is able to build fighting positions and ditches. It can conduct any work of excavation work with its telescopic arm. That‘s why the “Dachs“ is a very flexible vehicle used in offensive and defensive tactical operations.

Platoon leader Lieutenant Petter is the commander of this Norwegian engineer tank. Like the German version it is based also on the model Leopard l. However, it can use its dozer blade more flexible. Moreover, the dozer blade got metal teeth enabling the tank to loose frozen earth. The machine gun is primarily used for the destruction of land mines.

Deep sand - ideal opportunities for digging and shifting.

The armored recovery vehicle “Wisent ll“ can be used for shifting tank positions.

Water crossing? For the Norwegian armored bridge-laying vehicle “Leguan“ it's not a problem. With its 26 m long bridge any vehicle of the eFP Battle Group Lithuania is able to cross obstacles of 25 m width.

Commander sergeant Jörgen and his operator Christoffer are cooperating well together.

Almost done: with an additional bridge one can cross this width of water too.


7-я смена немцев для боевой группы НАТО eFP приехала в Литву:

The stations of Šeštokai and Gaižiūnai recently had some unusual cargo coming in. At the end of January/beginning of February, the vehicles of the 7th rotation rolled in to both stations. In Šeštokai, the new rotation unloaded their staff/logistical vehicles like Unimogs, Wolfs and MAN KAT1s. The combat vehicles, mainly Dingos and Marders, arrived in the Gaižiūnai station. Now that the contingent has all its vehicles, they’re ready for training!

Пострелялки в Пабраде (Литва) - участвовали наши войска, американцы, голландцы, норвежцы и хорваты:

The sound of rolling metal and heavy gunfire filled the Pabrade training grounds this last week. Dutch, Norwegian and Croatian eFP soldiers teamed up with the Lithuanian army and the 1st Battalion, 9th U.S. Cavalry Regiment for the Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX) Sabre Winter. This was the first big exercise for our 7th rotation.
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