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HMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived back in Portsmouth following successful First of Class rotary wing trials in the Atlantic, February 27, 2018 .
A thousand deck landings have been carried out in a range of sea and weather conditions, with the specially equipped helicopters gathering data to identify the operating limits of the aircraft from the carrier at sea. Both airframe types have flown an average of ten hours a day.

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USS John Warner (АПЛ класса Вирджиния) заходит в Гибралтар. Наверное это первый раз когда АПЛ США зашла в Гибралтар.

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Патрульный корабль (OPV) нового поколения HMS Froth.

Designed for a total crew of around 58, but requiring only 34 to go to sea, she can spend up to 320 days a year on operations. The larger crew allows a rotation of personnel to ensure they get to spend time at home or on training.

The new OPVs are four knots faster than their predecessors at 24 knots, have an increased range of 5,500 nautical miles, have a 30mm automatic cannon as their main armament instead of a 20mm gun, two Miniguns, four machine-guns and are equipped with two Pacific 24 sea boats.

Each ship has an extended flight deck to operate up to Merlin size helicopters and accommodation for up to 50 embarked Royal Marines for boarding and supporting operations ashore if required.

HMS Trenchant участвовала в совместном учении с флотом США (USS Connecticut и USS Hartford) на Cеверном полюсе и идет в базу ВМС США Гротон вверх по Темзе. :) На снимках видны традиционные свитера подводников Королевского Флота.


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