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Перед вами 2 Т-62: слева-израильскии-трофеи принятыи на службу в бронетанковых воисках, справа-обычныи.

зачем наша доблестная армия присобачила на танк квадратную коробку(танк слева) т.е. изначально зачем это было нужно?

оговорюсь- загадка легкая.ответ меня озадачил: все таки в решениях армии прослеживается логика, не всегда но прослеживается... ;)

Олег, даи людям подумать... :p



какое простое решение,неправда ли? для того чтобы не было расстрелов своих собственных танков им поменяли форму башни,для этого просто присобачили к нему металлическии яшик-его потом для перевозки всякои всячины использовали...но в оригинале задумка была - придать ему другую форму.


Секундочку.. так вопрос был о большой коробке справа на башне, а не о маленькой квадратной коробке над стволом пушки o_O ?


Именно. не помню как называется, этот агрегат был сделан русскими в ответ "хамви" америкозовскии.
Неа. Ответ на "Хаммер" - это "Водник", ну и отчасти "Тигр". А это что-то иностранное, судя по комплектующим (фары, резина, etc.)
Да, а что же там всё-таки заретушировано? ;)


Лучезарный колёс
100% :)


Еще один бастард Унимога
Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics

Mechem BAT special forces utility vehicle

The Mechem BAT lightweight, airdrop capable special forces utility vehicle is based on a civilian lightweight overland vehicle design and embodies numerous standard commercial components. It is based on a galvanised steel, ladder-type chassis with an all-welded tubular steel frame body faced with armoured plate. The split windscreens are armoured glass.
The BAT was supplied with a choice of either a 3 litre V-6 petrol engine or a 2 litre four-cylinder diesel, both coupled to a five-speed manual transmission with a cable-operated differential lock on the rear axle. Radial or cross-ply tyres may be fitted, depending on terrain. Disc brakes are fitted on the front axle and self- adjusting drum brakes on the rear.
The BAT can carry a variety of palletised loads. A six-seater personnel pallet may be replaced by three seats and palletised infantry weapons such as a multiple 68 mm rocket launcher, 107 mm rocket launcher or 60 mm mortar. The pallets were designed for ease of mounting and can be rapidly interchanged without a hoist. The weapon pallets provide storage space underneath for ammunition. A mounting point for single or twin machine guns is standard between the bullet protected twin windscreens. Some examples carry a single 20 mm cannon.
Optional extras included a removable cabin top, a towbar, a front axle differential lock and an electric winch.
Production of this original version of the Mechem BAT is now complete. It remains in service with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) but a replacement vehicle is being sought under the Ambition 1A requirement for an airdropable mobility platform for use by special forces. The original requirement called for 40 vehicles, but in the request for tenders this was reduced to 25. Competing for this requirement is the G-Wagon based CSIR Defencetek BAT Mk 2, the Land Rover component based MDB Taurus, and the Alvis OMC Wasp.
Full details of the CSIR Defencetek BAT Mk 2 (CSIR acquired Mechem's R&D business in May 2001) and the Alvis OMC Wasp can be found elsewhere in this section.


Seating: 1 + up to 5
Configuration: 4 × 4
Axle loadings:
(front) 1,200 kg
(rear) 1,600 kg
Length: 3.1 m
Width: 1.8 m
Height: 1.8 m
Ground clearance: (min) 0.26 m
Max speed: 120 km/h
Range: 500 km
Engine: 3 litre V-6 petrol developing 138 hp at 5,000 rpm or 2 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel
Gearbox: manual, 5 forward and 1 reverse gears
Transfer box: 2 speed
Turning radius: 5.25 m
Suspension: leaf springs and double acting shock absorbers on all wheels
Tyres: 15R × 7J
Brakes: vacuum assisted, discs front, drums rear


Production complete. In service with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).



329b Mundt Street, PO Box 912454, Silverton 0127, South Africa.
Tel: (+27 12) 803 72 90
Fax: (+27 12) 803 71 89
e-mail: mecmine@mecmine.denel.co.za

Mechem BAT Special Forces Utility Vehicle clearly showing 68 mm rocket launcher


Лучезарный колёс
Мамба из Абxазии, короче. :)
Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance

Mamba armoured personnel carrier

This mine-protected 11-seater troop carrier is designed to transport demining personnel and equipment over high-risk areas and rough terrain.
The Mamba has an all-welded V-shaped monocoque hull with large windows for excellent all-round vision, a large rear door and eight outward-folding roof hatches. Based on the Unimog 416, it has a 92 kW, six-cylinder diesel engine and four-wheel drive. Power-assisted steering and a transmission with eight forward and four reverse speeds give the Mamba excellent manoeuvrability and cross-country capability. The passenger compartment and windows are protected against 7.62 mm NATO ball ammunition while the hull can withstand a double TM-57 anti-tank mine explosion under any wheel and a single detonation anywhere beneath the vehicle. The vehicle is currently deployed in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and other international forces.


In production.


Alvis OMC.

Mamba armoured personnel carrier

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