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Красиво, но ховно.
Соберут режекты, дай бох, сделают хорошую и красивую машину.
Дэйли хорошая платформа.
Пуркуа бы и не па?
С подачи bmpd любопытная информация о JLTV. Бобик уже ругают. :devil:
Вот оригинальный документ:
  • The JLTV Close Combat Weapons Carrier (CCWC) is not operationally effective for use in combat and tactical missions. The CCWC provides less capability to engage threats with the Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided (TOW) missiles over the fielded High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). The missile reload process is slow and difficult for crews.
  • All JLTVs are not operationally suitable because of deficiencies in reliability, maintainability, training, manuals, crew situational awareness, and safety. JLTVs demonstrated less reliability than its requirement. The primary drivers of operational mission failures were engine wiring problems, flat and damaged tires, and break system faults.
  • The JLTV towing the fielded M1102H trailer is not operationally effective for combat missions. The trailer has less mobility than the JLTV, which slowed the operational tempo of the test units. The Army has made no decision to procure the JLTV companion trailer.
  • The JLTV has large visual and loud aural signature increasing detectability.
  • The health monitoring system is not accurate and reduces crew and maintainer confi dence in the system.
  • The maintainer training was not effective and required additional familiarization and hands-on time to increase the competency of military maintainers to troubleshoot the vehicle.
  • Technical manuals were not useful because instructions were not detailed, incorrect, and lacked steps to troubleshoot problems.
  • Crew has poor visibility due to blind spots around the vehicle.
  • Crews had slow egress from JLTVs and numerous reliability failures of doors not opening impeded the ability of the soldiers and marines to safely ingress and egress the JLTV.
Вместе с тем, хвалят защищенность и систему пожаротушения:
  • The JLTV provides force protection against threshold and some objective threats required by the Capabilities Production Document that U.S. forces would likely encounter during future conflicts.
  • The AFES extinguished all fires without causing any toxic-gas induced crew injuries.
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