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The Tucson SRT loads on to the MRAP seen here. The MRAP is a vehicle that is used by the military, but is used by outside agencies as well. With the MRAP, the team easily plowed over a fence to reach their destination.

Vacant fort homes used by Tucson Special
Response Team in training exercise

By Stephanie Lawrence
Scout Staff

Windows were broken and doors were busted down
on Fort Huachuca as part of training that took place for
the Tucson SRT on May 13 and 14.
The SRT is a specially trained and equipped unit
that provides public and officer safety in high risk and
dangerous situations. In one such situation earlier this
month, the SRT rescued an infant who was allegedly
being held for ransom by human smugglers in Phoenix.
Undercover officers arranged to pay for the infant’s
release in a ruse to save the child and catch those accused
of the crime. The infant was safely rescued by
the SRT and released into the hands of Child Protective
Services, while the three accused smugglers were
According to Vincent Picard, public affairs officer,
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “The SRT
is ICE’s equivalent of a SWAT (Special Weapons and
Tactics) team.”
The SRT was here to train in the empty homes in
DeAnza Village that are slated to be torn down. These
homes provided a real world training experience for
the SRT. The team was able to charge into the homes
in a realistic fashion without regard to any property
damage to the units.
In one dynamic entry training scenario, the SRT
used a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle to
drive over a chain link fence. They then rushed from
the vehicle to head into the home where a potentially
dangerous situation was taking place. The SRT utilized
a battering ram to gain entry into the home, dropped a
flash bang grenade to the ground, and then overtook the
home all within a time span of about thirty seconds.
The importance of acting quickly was an integral
part of the dynamic entry scenario. However, the team
made a point to practice other scenarios such as the slow
and methodical method. This method allowed for the
SRT to identify and account for all potential threats.
Picard added, “To my knowledge this is the first
time we have trained like this on Fort Huachuca.” The
real world scenario closely simulates what the team
may experience when they are called in to potentially
risky situation. He emphasized that the training was
integral to the team.

Vol. 55, No. 20 The Fort Huachuca Scout May 21, 2009
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