Первый сезон был почти неплох, пока не открылась главная интрига -- банальное пошлое клише, штампы негде ставить:

у героя были галлюцинации и воображаемый друг.

Во втором сезоне пару сцен посмотрел, а потом и вовсе забыл о его существовании.
Признаюсь честно - смотрел до конца ради сцен взлома и саундтрека) но сюжетно чем дальше в лес, тем суровее грибы
Признаюсь честно - смотрел до конца ради сцен взлома и саундтрека) но сюжетно чем дальше в лес, тем суровее грибы
Саундтрек там был, конечно, что надо. Одна из моих любимых сцен, например:

Или вот, специально для военных людей нашего форума:

Домогательства вроде.
Там на него столько накатали, что я не удивлюсь, что и Кеннеди с Арлозоровым тоже он.........

Cas Anvar has been accused by over 40 people of harassing, intimidating and assaulting female fans and colleagues via messaging and at conventions. Some fans allege that they were under the age of 18 at the time. CW: SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A MINOR, ONLINE HARASSMENT, SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, HARASSMENT OF SOMEONE WITH AUTISM AND ANXIETY. Some of these accounts include very disturbing content.

  • 11/07/2020: Another anonymous user reached out to me to relay this account: "I matched Cas Anvar through Bumble last year. I remember he came across a very aggressive and sarcastic man. He made comments like how an artistic and also a good-looking woman I was. Initially, I took them as flirty messages but his tone became pushy and demanding shortly. I viewed some of the comments about Cas’s writing&grammar being bad. I had the same thought because I did not even understand half of what he was trying to say. I asked him and he said that he uses an app that converts his talks to a writing format that’s why all the errors and wrong typo happen. That very same day he wanted me to meet him in his place and I told him that I am not looking for one- night stand relationship. He said he is 100% sure that we would connect. He tried to persuade me with his voice recordings and texts almost all night. He told me that he is poly and not into exclusive relationship and when I asked questions, he gave me this example that I found quite insulting “What is your favourite food? Then he answered, well, I love steak but I can’t eat steak all the time. I like to enjoy different good food everyday”. Later he insisted that I should send him my pictures that he can connect more”. Next day when I went through all these texts, I realized what a disturbed person he was. I told him that I am not into that type of relationship that he wants from me. He wrote me back with perhaps 3 pages explaining how “Neurotic, stressful, ego-centric, judgemental, exhausting woman that I was…which I found very humiliating. I was speechless and I had to block him immediately. I am glad that I listened to my instincts and did not go further with him. However, I was out of balance for a few days…I can’t image any other women who went through similar or even worst experiences with him for a long period of time…I am sorry for them. I believe there is always room for forgiveness and compassion …However, it’s obvious that he has similar patterns and behavioral problems that raise concerns and questions about his honesty, respect for women, integrity and safety. I hope women who got suffered in the hand of Cas are surrounded with love and support. Thank you for listening." The user has saved the voice recordings and forwarded them to the investigation.
  • 04/08/2020: A Twitter user - Maria - comes forward with screenshots showing Anvar asking her for pictures and harassing her when she declines - all when she was 15 years of age, which he was aware of.
  • 04/08/2020: An Assassin's Creed fan, Rachael, recounts how Anvar took advantage of her fandom to attempt to get her to send him pictures of herself and come to stay with him in his hotel room in London. She recalls how he became increasingly angry after she refused and eventually she blocked him.
  • 05/08/2020: An anonymous user reached out to me to relay this story: "This man is a straight up lying trash bag. I connected with him last year, we had a sexual relationship that at the time seemed consensual because he said he was 39. Had I know that he is in fact FIFTY FOUR I never would have engaged in conversation let alone have a physical relationship. I am disgusted, this is a gross violation of my trust. To those who are trying to defend him, this is not just a simple misunderstanding, he intentionally misrepresented his age to me (I am in my twenties) with the intention of pursuing a sexual relationship. He went on and on about how he was an ally but that was clearly a ruse to make women drop their guard around him. I hope he is never allowed to misuse his position as a celebrity to abuse women again. Frankly he should never be allowed to work in the entertainment industry again."
  • 06/09/2020: A user in this thread accuses Anvar of sexually assaulting her and harassing her when she refused to have sex with him. She then recounts how Anvar contacted her a year later with an offer to "hang out", when she refused - saying she had a boyfriend - Anvar began harassing her again. Accusing her of letting him flirt with her and leading him on.
  • 15/10/2020: An anonymous member of The Expanse crew details how Anvar harassed her verbally and over text over the course of two years while working on The Expanse. Despite her rejecting or ignoring his advances on multiple occasions, Anvar persisted with requests for physical intimacy during work, to meet him outside of work and to video chat. When these requests were rejected, Anvar would become angry and attempt to gaslight the crew member in a manner consistent with other accounts.
  • 1/12/2020: An anonymous user reached out to me to relay this account: "Cas coerced me as a young adult into servicing him after a convention I was working at. I had spent 2 days getting him and other celebrity guests coffee and snacks and helping with whatever they needed. By the end I was hungry and exhausted and Cas asked if he could take me out for drinks as a thank you since I knew the bars in the area. I agreed, though I am still not sure what possessed me to do that. He had me meet him at his hotel which was right next to the convention center and when I got there he said he forgot his wallet in his room, which in this hotel was in a separate building from the lobby. We walked over to that building and I was going to wait outside but he grabbed my hand and took me in. We got to his room and he turned to me and asked if I was hungry. He said he could tell my legs were sore from all the running around I had been doing. He suggested we stay there and order room service. At this point I didn't know what to do. I was already in his room and I got scared of what he would do if I tried to leave. He was still holding my hand. I ate quickly and told him how exhausted I was and that I should really head home. I lied and told him I lived with my parents and they were expecting me. I said whatever I could to get out but he was pushing himself onto me. He started kissing me and held my head so that I would kiss him. He serviced himself because I refused to let him unbutton my pants. He kept saying hes had a couple of virgins and he would be gentle but I refused. It wasn't about that anyway. I thought the quickest way to leave would be to let him finish since he wasn't raping me I would be okay. That night still haunts me. I left feeling violated anyway. Feeling used. But no evidence and being young and dumb I thought people would blame me for going in the first place."
  • 3/1/2021: Another anonymous user reached out to me to relay these screenshots of a conversation she had with Anvar in 2014. She added that she had just recently got out of a toxic long-term relationship and was in a vulnerable position. Anvar proceeds to attempt to take advantage of that vulnerability and then alternates between gaslighting, asking the user deeply personal questions and offering unsolicited (and frankly deeply problematic) advice.
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Видимо, посылал нах назойливых фанатов, но они восприняли черезчур буквально
For All Mankind - Ради всего человечества

Второй сезон. Красивая умная фантастика, и пока что гораздо лучше окончательно сгнившего Экспанса.
For All Mankind - Ради всего человечества

Второй сезон. Красивая умная фантастика, и пока что гораздо лучше окончательно сгнившего Экспанса.
Я извиняюсь, конечно, но судя по первому сезону, сериальчик в основном про силу женщин и нужность нелегальной миграции.
сериальчик в основном про
Клевета! :p
про силу женщин
1) Как будто что-то плохое. :p

2) Там и про слабости немало, и время от времени жестокие насмешки над всем этим "политическим феминизмом".
нужность нелегальной миграции.

3) По нашим временам неизбежное зло;

4) Незначительная часть повествования;

5) Подается под правильным углом, я бы сказал.


For All Mankind - Ради всего человечества

Второй сезон. Красивая умная фантастика, и пока что гораздо лучше окончательно сгнившего Экспанса.
Скорее в стиле "Марсианина" творчество. С Экспансией конкурирует только по количеству п-достраданий :D
В целом неплохо, но не особо динамично. Может во втором сезоне таки устроят Red Alert.


Стал смотреть второй сезон "Snowpiercer", не выдержал и выключил. Если первый сезон страдал от иррациональности происходящего и общего идиотизма, то во-втором добавилась ещё и регулярная смена характеров героев.
Сериал Король 2020. Польский. Krol

Я такого кроме "Однажды в Америке" не видел. Но даже там американцы были все больше в виде фона. Полиция, разве. Здесь сплошные евреи и антисемиты на фоне грабежей и политики. И ведь не стесняются поляки в отличие от россиян.
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