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ndonesian Army AH-64E above Jakarta's Toll Road
Ka-22 “Проект Х», the granddad of “Osprey”, developed in 1960s by USSR, counting 27 meters in length and 10 meters in height

British soldiers of 3PARA (3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment ) are resupplied by Chinook CH-47 helicopters during an airborne assault as part of Operation ‘Southern Beast’. Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on the 3rd of August 2008
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An RPG exploded on the outside of an MH-47E causing damage near to the fuel tanks and started a fire that affected the electrical system. The areas where the paint has been chipped are shrapnel impact points

A Royal Air Force chinook gunner in Mali supporting Operation Barkhane

Это у него М-60 там..... o_O единственное место где до сих пор ими пользуются в UK
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