Delta,Seal team six и прочие спецназы

New Zealand Special Air Service during Counter-Terrorist exercises in Auckland, North Island

SAS operator Christian Craighead following the successful extraction of hostages from the DusitD2 complex, Nairobi

NSWDG/ DEVGRU getting a class photo after a training exercise

U.S. Navy SEAL with an FN SCAR in Northern Iraq

CAG members pose for a group photo prior to a military free-fall jump

US Air Force Special Reconnaissance Airman, Afghanistan

U.S. Marine Corps MARSOC 'Raider' canine handler and his dog
CIA Global Response Staff contractors in Afghanistan

USMC 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion jumpmaster puts on his helmet on in preparation for high altitude, high opening (HAHO) jump operations in Australia during Talisman Saber 2017

Two French army special forces (1st RPIMa) operators of the CTLO group (counter terrorism / hostage rescue) shooting with their customized HK416

French 1st RPIMa operators from the motorized patrol team (PATSAS), posing next to one of their vehicles

1st RPIMa operators conducting a Counter-terrorism and hostage rescue drill somewhere in France

French Commando Marine operators doing helicopter-to-zodiac transfer training

Australian TAG East operators conducting maritime counter terrorism training, 2020

Australian Police Officers from the Queensland Special Emergency Response Team walking a dog

USCG Maritime Security Specialist 2nd Class CQB Drill Aboard USS Hudner

US Army 7th special forces group clearing room during integrated training exercice at Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center, California, April 23 2019

US Navy SEALS in SOCR watercraft

American SOF operator somewhere in Yemen
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