Delta,Seal team six и прочие спецназы

US marines MARSOC, during battle drill, conducting assault in support of a UH-1, at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, April 5 2019

U.S. Marine Corps MARSOC operator blessing the rains down in Africa

U.S. Army MH-47 helicopter of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) participates in a maritime training exercise with dive-qualified Green Berets of the 5th Special Forces Group

US Army 7th SFG, Best Operational Detachment Alpha Competition
US Delta Force operator during training

A US Delta Force operator and two PSYOP soldiers speak to villagers during an operation in Afghanistan

GIGN Force-Intervention member on guard during a training operation most likely taking place in Satory, France. (October, 2020)

PNG LRRU - Papua New Guinea Long Range Reconnaissance Unit

French 1er RPIMa operators ready for their HAHO jump training
тактикульные папуасы :muscle: Вот кто не заботится о "еде второго эшелона" , наверное. У них это убитые враги просто :).
Да и об эвакуации
Он был,смелым бойцом, хорошим товарищем и сытным обедом..
GIGN Force-Intervention column approaching a building during a training exercise in Satory. (May, 2020)

French GIGN operator in the streets of Paris

JSOC Operators most likely Delta/CAG with tigerstripe camo in Syria 2016

Delta Force operators, one of whom is shouldering a marksman rifle (early-mid 2010s)

PLA - Special Forces Submersible Soldier with QBS-06 Underwater Rifle

PLA - Special Forces Training with QCW-05 Suppressed with Scope

Dutch Special Forces (Korps Commando Troepen) together with RNLAF 298 Squadron during HWIC SOF training course. 10/2020 - T' Harde, Netherlands

Norwegian special command during training in Jordan
Singapore's Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) capturing a "hijacked" vessel during Exercise Apex

French Air force commando during an training in Orléans city

Us Marine corps MARSOC training with their Filipino counterparts, the Philippine Marine corps MARSOG during kamandag exercise 3 2019

Polish JWK operators in Afghanistan, 2011

CJIRU (Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit) during training

Sep. 3, 2020: USN Explosive ordnance disposal technicians, assigned to Commander, Task Force (CTF) 56 prepare to fast-rope from a MH-60S during a training evolution
Serbian combat diver from 93rd diving company

Members of 22 SAS before an MTTB jump

Indian National Security Guard (NSG) commandos arrive to provide security ahead of US President Barack Obama's arrival at Raj Ghat, the memorial for India's independence icon Mahatma Gandhi, in New Delhi on January 25, 2015

KSK operators helping locals with engine fix, Prata Ghar, Afghanistan 2002

Operators from Forsvarets spesialkommando (FSK) / Norwegian Special Operation Commando during a exercise in Norway before intops, 2020
Artillery hunters from the Norwegian STA Battery (Surveillance and Target Acquisition) in the Artillery Battalion - Practicing on JTAC/FAC with British Apache combat helicopters from 656 Squadron Army Air Corps, at Setermoen firing range, Norway

U.S. Army Green Beret (left) and Air Force Special Tactics airman in Ghazni, Afghanistan (201:cool:

French Commando de Montfort at SOFINS 2019

French Commando Hubert during training drills in Djibouti

US and Swedish SOF control aircraft during exercise Baltic Unity in Såtenäs, Sweden

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