Delta,Seal team six и прочие спецназы

Two French commandos from the CPA n°30 (Air Force Paratroopers Commando) under the wing of an Airbus A400M

French paratrooper commando in Mali. 2020

Russian Naval SpetsNaz, from one of the Marine Reconnaissance Points (MRP), training with re-breather and ADS (Special Dual-medium Assault Rifle, Dual medium=Amphibious, Air and Water).

French frogman from the Commando Hubert, one of the seven "Commando Marine" ; the most prestigious one

Mexican Marines FES (Fuerzas Especiales/Special Forces) operators with SIG Sauer SIG516 CQB uppers on a couple of Colt M4 Carbine lowers

exican Army FER (Fuerza Especial de Reacción/ Special Reaction Force) operators with SIG Sauer SIG516 CQB carbines

Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK) / Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando

1st SFOD-Delta and 160th SOAR flying sideways just inches over a moving object

Delta Force in a CQB exercise, circa 2001

Operators from the Philippine Army's Special Forces Regiment (SFR) during their hunt for an Abu Sayyaf sub-leader

U.S. Army Special Forces recover a crashed drone
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