Delta,Seal team six и прочие спецназы

French SAS (1er RPIMa), Opération Barkhane, 2016

Members of Detachment A, 39th Special Forces Operational Detachment pictured in Berlin

Special operations of the Brazilian army

British SBS Operators securing an LZ on operations in Afghanistan

British Pathfinder's mobility training in North Africa. Steve Heaney MC (right) 1994

Polish JWK SOF operator in Afghanistan, 2017

Marinejegerkommandoen – Norwegian Navy Special Forces operator

A silhouette of an assaulter from Joint Task Force 2 in Afghanistan, mid 2000s

JW GROM operator, unknown date

MG 74. Jagdkommando, Austrian Special Forces
Belgian malinois to medics for treatment from gunshots sustained in both of Kuno's hind legs during a night raid targeting al-Qaeda extremists. For bravery and devotion to duty he was awarded the Dickin medal

Royal Air Force (RAF) Chinook dropping off Special Boat Service (SBS) Operators onto Royal Navy Astute class Submarine HMS Ambush, - Mediterranean 2018

GRUMEC, Combat divers from the Brazilian Navy
Военнослужащие французского спецназа и ряда европейских стран, входящие в состав целевой группы "Такуба", провели уже не менее 15 боевых операций против террористов в Мали при поддержке местных сил.

На данный момент численность объединенного подразделения достигает 280 человек.

Delta Force during aerial marksmanship training on hogs in Texas Sine Pari

An SBS Swimmer Canoeist from C Squadron, carrying out VBSS

pecial Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen from Special Boat Team 12, with the help of aviators from 4th Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, conduct a Maritime External Air Transportation System training. Moses Lake, Wash, May 21 2014

Serviceman of the Soviet GRU in Afghanistan, 1987

Rangers in the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regimental Reconnaissance Company, RRC
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